FINALLY i have a button! and not just one button.... TWO BUTTONS! i feel like i stressed about it for a while, 'cause i wasnt quite sure what to make it of! but i figured simple is symple, and went with this one!
i also made a favicon finally :D its literally just the same strawberry from the button but FAVICONED... (its a png). thats all for now! ive been working on updating my comics' sites, so this site has been on the backburner for the time being! too many ideas, not enough time ;;w;;


12/15- added favicon on all pages, added buttons in the links section!



updated the website for the site birthday :D i also made a blog post talking about it a lil!! it's not much, but i wanted to do another update :)


11/28 - updated website, cleaned up links and directories, cleaned up back end code, changed all image links to new directory, changed 'projects' to 'notebook' (will populate later), added site map. had to..... delete the entire images folder because neocities messed it up..... 😭

11/1 - combined the news and changelog section into ONE section, and also changed 'news' to 'updates. there was also some other updating here and there, but i dont remember LOL. i do a lot of testing/updating/cleaning in between updates. changelogs pre-october will be treated as regular updates, and then minor changes will be in the 'changelog' section of each month! the difference isnt so important but the distinction is important to me!



made the links page finally!!!!!


10/13 - added the links section and cleaned/edited a LOT of code. i forgot to post what was on the changelog in september LMAO but its in the news section! i'll add more links and buttons later, but just as something to get me started :>



upgraded the front page! there's a lot that was on the main page code wise, so i had to move a bunch of stuff around. the news archive and changelog have their own spots, so it doesn't overload the main homepage. plus it looks cleaner! i'll also probably have a bit more elaboration for each new news thing in here, so it also doesn't clog the main page, for those curious!
eventually i wanna add a (monthly? weekly? biweekly? routinely.) rss/newsletter for new things. though, i wouldn't be able to do it right now, since the site gets worked on so infrequently (practically whenever i get a burst of energy). nevertheless! i wanna do it someday. until then! neocities users will see my profile update, and elsewhere i'll notify for bigger updates! i primarily code offline, and then port afterwards, for ease of use, so there'll probably weeks (or months!) of 'inactivity' in between.



blog added :D it's still a lil barebones but i figured out the css! gotta clean it though.



surprise! guestbook added :D


big update: i've been coding offline, so theres a few weeks worth of updates in here :D i was gonna add more, but i'm still busy (i took a hiatus from workin on the site :D) so i figured id update what i have made!!



more cleaning :>



more cleaning up of code! front page is now 100% responsive :D


re-writing code from scratch, re-writing index/home page from scratch! coming out a lot cleaner! but a few bugs and errors came about :'D tried to text a new layout and dint like it much. trying to clean up the code as much as possible to continue on other pages! fixed the buttons so now they're responsive >:D


connected the symliadoo domain!


edited some stuffs, added more to the projects page! also redid the about page text + added buttons :D



edited some spacing, started working on the projects page, and edited some css!


(offline editing begins) added middle section on home page, chatbox, and moved some things around!


added more ramblings to the about page :D



changed homepage icon :)




visually organized home page and front end coding, added a column! and some stuffs in da column. (tryna figure out what i want to put in it — either a status or a 'featured page'. something that changes! dunno yet.)



leaned up the code, wrote notes, and added some containers for to-do and updates! dan helped me with figuring out some background stuff, and the border! now i can have the background i want!!! added emojis :D


started adding onto the bio! the plan is defs to add the base to most pages before adding more.


site construction begins! i'm tryin' my best out here :D