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untitled. 2020 - | comedy drama
robin preferred to spend the rest of her senior year with her online friends working on their webcomic together. unfortunately, her classmate ethan, had other plans for her. through his persistent, puppy-dog-like plea to be friends, she thrust herself into drama she didn’t want to deal with. it didn’t help that some of his friends were the people that bullied her for years.
read on site, tapas, webtoon, and dillyhub.

justice avenue 2015 - | slice of life
on a faraway land in her mind, sym spends time living in the village of people she’s made. from the ups and downs of everyday life, to the intricacies of the mind, she knows her best friends liam and lucas will be by her side all the while, like they have been for almost her whole life.
read on site or tapas.

author & artist 2015 - | slice of life
spouses andy and claire through their adventures in being a webcomic artist and published author. from high school sweethearts, a long distance relationship, and a loving marriage, see the highs—and lows— of their lovely little life.
read on site or tapas.

bakery man 2023 - | romance comedy
dariel's family has been in the line of baking for as long as he can remember. he takes pride in his baking skills and often stayed close to home so he could continue to help after graduating culinary school. though, he has his work cut out for him when new hire, kya, clumsily stumbles into the bakery one day.
the comic is currently only available through the anthology, but will be available on its own/continued later on. it is currently on hiatus.
read on tapas and webtoon.

webcomic black magic: black joy anthology 2023 | anthology
a black history month anthology i hosted with 13 comics, 13 artists, 1 writer, + 37 episodes. the theme was 'joy'. check out the creator list for all the creators that participated!
read on tapas and webtoon.

decampment delusion 2016 - 2019 | drama, modern fantasy
neglected and hoping for a better life, elliot hopeson runs away from home. In the process, he stumbles upon working for an elderly florist named maria, and takes in an orphan named aubrey. just when he may have found a new home for himself… news comes to light in regards to the family he thought he knew.
this comic has been discontinued with an eventual reboot in the future.
original comic on tumblr, reboot on webtoon.


angel post 2021 - (in production) | fantasy, comedy
you, our lovely angel intern, have just been born. for your first assignment, you’ll be spending time learning at the angel post office. try to learn as much as you can while you’re there!
play the prototype demo on!