Kindle Street

Kindle Street is the Untitled. (and also used to be Decampment) server that I recycled for general symlia-stuff :>

I figured making it more generalized (even if it’s still centered around me...?) server would be more beneficial if folks liked my stuff but not Untitled! Though, any me-related notifications are attached to a specific role, if you’re not that enthusiastic about keeping up with me!

Really, I kinda just wanna provide an enviornment for people to chill! It's also primarily art based and lurk friendly, so folks only ever interact when they feel like it. You don't have to do art to join, but the crowd is creator-skewed!

We also have events that happen every now and again when I'm able to do them (or if other people wanna host), like Saturday Night Cartoons, or occasional movie nights!

All in all, I hope you have fun!

The Rules

This server is 16+.

This server is SFW. So keep it around PG-13!

Please be respectful of your fellow members, and have constructive conversations.

Please spoiler/tag sensitive topics.

We do not support crypto or NFTs, or the current climate of AI art generation.

Please refer to this page if you are planning to link someone to the server.

Have fun!

Last updated December 1, 2023

As long as you follow these, you're golden!

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