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Episode 1 (Original)

January 2019

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Lucas is making grilled cheese. This focuses on him without showing his face for a second before Liam comes in. Liam's face is shown first.
This is to represent that while Lucas is the first existing humanistic character, Liam is the first character I've kept for an extended time, and thus shows first. Liam goes for the fridge.
Lucas: You think she'll finally get around to it?
Liam: I mean, she's been working on it for a while. It's only natural we'll go live sometime soon.
Lucas leaves the grilled cheese on the table, as they both leave to finish preparation in the studio.
Sym comes down in a blanket, and grabs a piece of the sandwich. She proceeds to walk out the apartment and past the studio, of which the door is open.
Lucas: Good afternoon. Planning on sleeping all day?
Sym: What are you doing?
Lucas: Planning for the comic, remember?
Sym looks at the camera. Lucas smiles partially in frame.

Sym's notes

May 08 2024

This is during a time where Liam, Lucas, and I were in the same apartment, but had separate rooms. It was meant to immediately establish the relationships between the three of us, with me being the tired/forgetful artist. It was also meant to be fourth-wall breaky, which is something that carried into its current iteration!
I got to the thumbnail stage and… I dunno what happened! I liked it a lot but I guess I found something else that interested me?
This gave me grief when I was organizing the files, because it was mistakenly Labeled as ‘KH” for Kindle House, but turned out to be an early version of Justice Avenue before I released the episodes that I did! I originally thought that there was only one version of episode one, but it looks like after I made the existing/published prologue and episode 1, that I then made episode 2, only for me to also scrap it! What probably happened is that I got distracted with Untitled. prepwork, and then by the time I got around to Justice Avenue again, it was nearing my birthday! So I focused on the birthday comic.

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