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Pro Tools and a Mic and a Big Idea

February 2022

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Sym's notes

May 08 2024

Explanation on what ‘pre-reboot’ in this context means here.
The only reason this is named this way is because it’s what the file name is called. It’s a AJR reference to their song ‘Big Idea’ from the album Living Room. The only correlation is that it’s in the living room and that I had a ‘big idea’ of renovating/redecorating the house. There were meant to be more silly situations with me and the house, which carry over to 02. I think I was also listening to the song while drawing this, I don't remember (LOL). The boys love me, I’m just unfortunately neurodivergent and have to change things ever so often. I also thought it was funny I was laying on both of them and they’re so used to me and my shenanigans they’re not even batting an eye. I’m not sure whether or not I want to remake it, it’s silly, but I’m not sure if it fits in with 02’s vibe anymore. There’s a chance I still draw it, but it’s just not a JA comic. We’ll see!

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