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The Return

May 21 2016

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Author notes

May 21 2016

Heyo! So these comics aren't dead, I've just been working on another thing!! It's up now, go check it out!!
Please be patient with FaF and A&A, I'm a bit more focused on Decampment so they might upload slower. Please bear with me as I try to make a schedule!!

Sym's notes

May 08 2024

At this point, I was working on my narrative driven comic, Decampment Delusion (2016-2019). I was really excited to jump into something story driven, so both Fabulous at Failing and Author and Artist kinda took a nose dive into obscurity for a bit. I loved both of them, but being a neurodivergent high schooler, I was jumping around with things a lot and didn’t have enough space for more than one story at a time. The funny thing is, this is around the time I thought about rebooting FaF, and moved onto the first reboot, Kindle House Justice Avenue. Author and Artist would later come back, after many hiatuses.
Also, I forgot to draw Liam’s bowl in the second panel and realized too late, so I just made a joke out of it with it falling on the floor. High school level humor, I know.

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