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May 08 2015

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Sym's notes

May 08 2024

Welcome to the archive! I’ll be writing down author notes in 2024 (the time in which I’ve built and uploaded this archive) as a way to reflect in a post-mortem way about the life of this world as it grew. In some ways, it grew with me, and in the same way I didn’t know myself, the comic was muddled and hard to navigate. The author notes are also preserved for archival reasons. I hope you enjoy!

This was the first comic in the series. I still think this episode was silly. I was kinda figuring out my footing, especially since I hadn’t made comics before. I was 16! So I hardly knew anything. At the time, I was really excited when reading about all the other slice of life creators on Tapas and was so hype to make something about me and Liam :> Lucas rounds out the trio later, but Liam will always remain in my heart as my best buddy :)

PS I realized as I was working on this project, I was getting closer to the 9 year anniversary (9 years!!!! woah!!!!!) of the first episode! So I picked up the pace to get this finished on time. This project was a gross undertaking to say the least!!

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