hiya! ヾ(@^∇^@)ノ


hiya! i’m sym (24, she/they), a hobby cartoonist and oc mayor (=⌒▽⌒=) welcome!
i’ve always sorta wanted some place to myself, in my own little corner of the internet... but coding for the longest time felt so complicated and way over my head. but i got a burst of energy late 2022 and wanted to dedicate time to it! it’ll most likely be in construction for a good amount of time, but until then... enjoy as it updates! i’ll try to keep the update log tidy :)

i have two ocs (liam and lucas) that i made when i was ten, and you’ll see them probably everywhere on this site asdfghj they’re my family and im very protective of them, but i also want everyone everywhere to see them all the time— its a struggle umu
but! they’ll usually be around me or mentioned when i talk about things. they’re kind of a core part of who i am as a person! so their influence peeks out very often.
i also have too many ocs. you probably saw the oc portal button. it will be active.........
eventually. (ive always wanted to make an oc site since i was in high school, its crazy that now i have the opportunity to do that in a way that’s satisfying to me!)

im usually jumping around different projects, which i usually try to update about on the front page! do check on it if you’re curious to see what’s new. you can also check my links site for other places im at!